About Blog Fish



Hey Baby,

I’m The Blog Fish with the smooth tones of Barry White to chill you out and entertain. In 2015 I got my slippery little flipper onto a page and tried to write a comic radio play of only 2 pages for a competition.

Being the fish that knows a thing or two about writing, I got no where.  Weird. But baby, it was nice to take a mental holiday from the day job.

So like a fish out of water wobbling on the treadmill, this little website is dedicated to all you suited/booted ladies and gents where

  • every work day starts to feel like Monday
  • you feel gutted about a cancelled train when you’d only missed the thrill of squeezing up to friendly furry armpit
  • you have no idea whether it was sunny or rainy and if your job made an impact to anyone’s life whatsoever

So baby, let’s not get upset about those loud earphones first thing in the morning.  Let’s just start to boogie…

ps It’s comedy – I am probably going to accidentally offend but hope you take this site in the spirit its intended